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Self Paced Programs and climbing training podcast you can play anywhere

Dynamic Moves and Explosion

A training podcast focused in showing you different alternatives and ways to develop explosiveness and dynamism in your climbing.

How to train for strength

A podcast dedicated to investigate and talk about the core concepts of strength training and a practical workout routine you can easily follow in your next climbing session at the gym.

Featured: Gorilla Warrior Audio Program for beginner and intermediate climbers

For Strength and Stamina

Max Training

This is your prescription podcast for climbing training, every day you choose a routine, you learn a technical concept or simply get some key notes on training for performance.

Your one-stop destination for audible, insightful training information for climbing. Play on any device.

Climbing Workouts Podcasts covers some of the hottest, freshest topics in the climbing space such as designing training programs, climbing games, pre-canned workouts, trip planning and route setting. 

Play on the go or while relaxing at home

Combine audio programs with training manuals to give your brain and body an extra climbing boost.

“Each podcast is entertaining, informative, inspirational and ACTIONABLE”

"Not only I go work entertained, but I get back motivated to hit the climbing gym and climb like there is no tomorrow!

Play Anywhere. Apply the learned concepts in your next climbing session. Go to the gym with extra motivation.

Train and learn with self paced programs you can simply listen to.

In  an effort to continue to improve the experience of rock climbers we have created an set of actionable training audio workouts. This was as much about serving you guys as it is about re-learning many of the things climbing can teach us.

Perfect for playing while driving to the gym or commuting to work

If you commute to work or school every day—whether it's a 20 minute trip or an hour and a half—that adds up to a lot of time cut out of your life. But there's no need to let that time go to waste! Make the most of the tedious sitting in traffic by firing up your climber's brain and learning about climbing training and performance... or at least keeping yourself entertained without engaging in risky behavior like texting while driving. Climbing audio training is a great option that will make your daily commute fly by using your mobile device. 

Climbing Workouts

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