The NEW Total Collection. 5 energy-specific climbing performance programs. 

A powerful and updated single collection of climbing manuals covering the most critical rock climbing skills: finger strength, core, power, stamina and endurance. Each manual is highly targeted and specialized,  to be applied at any gym or your home wall, for climbers from 5.10a to 5.13c (6a-8a+)

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Climbing Workouts TOTAL collection is the shortcut to high performance climbing. The TOTAL collection changes the landscape of climbing conditioning and sport performance. This effective training kit presents the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols and programs for developing today's sport climbers.


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This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's more of a "field guide" than a traditional training manual. Combining the latest science and research with elite-level climbing training protocols, the TOTAL collection includes:

  • Progressive levels with detailed exercises
  • All season training program
  • Self-paced to your schedule
  • Instant deployment
  • Use on any device
  • Actionable content for any climbing gym or home wall
  • Increase aerobic capacity and generate anaerobic power
  • Shortcuts to power movement
  • Based on behavioral psychology and sports training research
  • Follow along with YouTube videos
  • Maintain peak conditioning throughout the season
  • Practical training concepts used by the elite climbers
  • Step by step program to practice for 4 weeks or 6 months
  • Super boost your power endurance with a regime of drills and specialized exercises
  • Train for movement and agility white making more powerful moves
  • Illustrated climbing workout programs
  • Step-by-step instructions for exercises and drills
  • Schedules and directions
  • Printable and mobile friendly
  • Instant download
  • Program worth a lifetime of climbing progress


Energy-specific, downloadable training manuals to guide you on every season of your climbing year


The approach to this training program is to perform a combination of exercises to train raw finger strength while also being able to apply it in real movement while climbing. The program gives you a variety of exercises so you will gain practical finger strength without getting bored. Your goals for strength should be based on your projects, but you can also define a grade that you want to accomplish. A goal can be to hold on a 10 mm edge for 10 seconds. or “to do 10 rows on the campus board in a row” Goals should be measurable, testable and applicable to different parts of your climbing: projects, a new onsight grade or competition. The chart below shows the energy types targeted as the main objective.

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In the context of fitness, the technical definition of power is “the time rate of doing work,” which is basically the speed at which you can apply force. It’s all about explosive movement, and there are many ways to go about increasing it, but two of the most common are power circuits and intense, short, route climbing. To increase power by circuit training, the typical advice is to perform multiple sets of 12-24 explosive reps using 75 to 90 percent of your 1RM (repetition to max). You’ll need to rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets to allow for sufficient power recovery. You must periodize your sessions so you don’t burn out, over train or risk injury.

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This training manual will present a variety of exercises and routines that you can follow to get an increase in endurance. In this manual, you define endurance as any climb that takes longer than 5 minutes on the wall, or approximately, 40 to 80 moves. These types of routes push your anaerobic lactic threshold and you feel a long lasting pump that builds up slowly. This training approach uses a combination of exercises that ensure you stay on the wall for extended periods of time but also for a greater number of moves. You will be given the tools to create your own training routes and circuits targeting various types of movements and forcing you to go from one style into the other within the same session. This approach is appropriate for any climbing season of the year.

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Veteran climbers will tell you that climbing technique is all about footwork, this is not far from true. Climbers often think that climbing is all about upper body strength but as you aim to send harder routes and prevent injury, a strong upper body isn’t enough. Strong footwork can increase the efficiency of your climbing, so you can do harder moves in a row for a longer time, and take the stress off your fingers and biceps.

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Total CORE

Following the core training program is simple, all you have to do is understand the key training concepts, mimic the exercises, and follow along. Each core exercise targets a specific climbing skill or movement. The core training system starts by you picking up the drills and exercises suited to your goals. You may decide in putting together a core-exclusive training program, or use the methods to complement any other strength or endurance-based climbing training system.

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Build finger strength, core, power stamina and endurance with the total collection

What you'll love about this program is having your workout plan daily with different exercises everyday and every week, makes it less of a routine and you workout different muscles all the time.


How does it work?

Print, write over, or use on any device

You can download and print, write over, or keep it on your phone and use it at the gym. No trees killed, no mailman arriving, you download it and that's it. Do you rather use a tablet or your laptop? no problem you're covered for all devices, operating systems and platforms.

Self paced program manuals adaptable to your level

Do it at your own pace and modify if needed. No single climbing skills training program will include all of the workout breakdowns and instructions in this book; climbers get quick, easy access to the methods recommended to meet their particular climbing projects.

Training methods you can implement on any climbing gym or home wall

When you finish the 3rd week of stamina training, you will be looking forward to the next workout.

A collection of training manuals with clear directions, illustrations and results.

You can do the workouts literally on any climbing gym, so there is no excuses to not get the workouts done. Exercises are explained through sequential instructions and photos to ensure that readers will learn the safest and most effective technique.

Leaving no topic uncovered, the TOTAL collection is the most comprehensive climbing training resource dedicated to increasing the fundamental energy and skill types required for the sport.

These are the exercises, programs, and protocols being used at the highest levels of sport and performance. The manuals include key points, climbing objectives, and learning aids including key exercises and a balanced order of drills provide a structure to help climbers conceptualize the information and reinforce fundamental facts. The manuals also can provide practical application of scientific concepts that can be used by strength, endurance and mental game in real-world climbing settings, making the information immediately relatable and usable.

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