Specialized eTrainer guides for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers. Prepare, execute and track your climbing performance.

Plan, schedule, track, perform and successfully execute custom plans that work for you. You will find the methods employed by world class climbers in a deluxe collection of practical manuals that you can use and execute starting today.

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Essential Training III

This program establishes the foundation for any other climbing program. The manual includes a fully illustrated and explained selection of drills and exercises along with periodization tactics, mental strategies, schedules and nutritional advice.

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Mastering the Fingerboard

Mastering the fingerboard focuses on a 1 week - 1 tool program cycle containing all the elements of a training strategy required to rapidly improve your finger strength and accomplish more challenging climbs, weather it's outdoor or at the gym.

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Circuit Training Program

This program explores how to last longer at the wall, pull harder, build a base of life lasting climbing motivation, and manage your performance. CIRCUIT TRAINING is a Training Program Manual for beginner and Intermediate climbers.

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Progressive Training for Climbing Performance

Based in sports nutrition, psychology and training science, this manual is one of those valuable pieces of complete information that will help you direct your energy towards improvement.

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Training for Rock Trips

This new program is a training action plan required to optimally prepare for a multi-day sport climbing trip. A practical handbook that includes periodization, itineraries, workouts, climbing trip logistics, budgeting, and mind game.

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Animal Instinct Training

Based in biology research about animal responsiveness to training, this climbing workout manual includes a selection of useful information for you to assemble and execute your climbing sessions. The systems employed are.

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Climbing Workouts - Essential Training - Advanced

Essential Training - VOLUME 4 by Climbing Workouts Publishing, is a complete a specialized trainer guide for the beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers. Prepare, execute and track your climbing performance using a fully explicit 4-phase action strategy designed to achieve your goals. Climbing Workouts includes over 30 training exercises that will keep you going for a full year and more.

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Systematic Movement Training

Systematic Movement Training (SMT) is a 12 day program based in the usage of symmetrical bouldering and system walls. A progress-measurable, fully described manual with all the directions you need to push your climbing to the next level.

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The Total Collection. 5 energy-specific climbing performance programs. 40% off individual volumes

Climbing Workouts TOTAL collection is the shortcut to high performance climbing. The TOTAL collection changes the landscape of climbing conditioning and sport performance. This effective training kit presents the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols and programs for developing top climbing shape.

Get your Premium Collection 40% Off. The one single set of training manuals every climber should have

Climbing Workouts premium collection is the result of years of research observing how the best climbers in the world train and adapting that knowledge so motivated climbers like you can improve systematically and quickly. This bundle will show you over 55 training programs that are fully customizable and adaptable to your resources, space and schedules. 

Essential Training Volume 3

The total guide to climbing workouts. Used in 50 countries. Massively adopted resulting in more climbers reaching higher grades. Discover and excecute a specialized, 12 session plan that works on your strengths while targeting your individual projects.


Movement and agility training leads to efficient skills. This is at the core, the foundation of climbing workouts system (CWS).

Self Paced training and conditioning systems to make you push the bar to the next climbing level.

Start training with the Climbing Workouts System: An integrated approach to movement mastery

Each Climbing Workout manual replaces the training guesswork that have long occupied climbers with something much more versatile and efficient. It can automate your training and build new patterns based on what you’re doing to show you relevant techniques and tactics you already know how to use — training systems like bouldering and fingerboard, smart route setting, movement based exercises, performance tests, and more. And now Essential Training is available for any device and digital screen, enabling instant access to multiple training methods, safe drills with the MBA principle (Movement Based Approach).

3x more progress. Climb harder grades.

Plan your training for the short and long term with workout systems that target specific skills and movement patterns.

Commit to your schedules, exercises and get motivated to follow and track your plans.

Test your self, and enjoy of the level achieved during your training. Set your project priorities and reach your limit.

Climbing plans help you reduce guesswork, prevent injuries, define clear objectives and improve performance. So when you go to the climbing gym, you focus in what matters most: climbing harder grades and complete your projects.

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Circuit Training

Build up body tension, core and contact

Dynamite Combo

Get explosive power and improve your finger strength

Resistance Band Conditioning

Total conditioning with one simple piece of equipment

Power Endurance Combo

Mixed style climbing combo for improving your power endurance

Dominion Workout

Improves body tension and increases endurance

Rush Workout

Get explosive power in no time

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