The Most Effective Climbing Training Programs for Beginners

As you well know, finger strength and sustained power are the ultimate difference makers when it comes to success on climbing hard grades.

The climber with the greatest ability to hold on, pull and endure high-intensity movements has a huge advantage over the rest. However, only a small percentage of climbers have a systematic approach to develop their core, speed, power, and strength to the greatest.

(2 finger scorpion pose on the Yoak – One of the many workouts for isometric strength and finger resistance developed by Climbing Workouts)

Strength training volume is a key factor of muscle development that happens after a sequence of workouts. However, exactly how we should best measure and plan volume is unclear.

Common methods of measuring training volume include counting the number of sets and movements to failure or the volume load (sets x reps x weight), although many other approaches have been used by researchers.

In spite of their positive intentions, the vast majority of climbers are missing the boat when it comes to developing long duration, explosive power. They’ve bought into the outdated and false belief that power can’t be kept for more than a few seconds. Or they kept doing what they’ve always done resulting in the same results.

That’s exactly why Essential Training Advanced was developed. To stay on the cutting edge and make sure that you have the latest and most effective climbing strength development methods. The full program is completed implementing a complete system that addresses:

  • Effective Warm Up
  • Core Conditioning
  • Vertical and Overhanging Movement
  • Coordination and Speed Mechanics
  • Isometric Positions
  • Quick Recovery Skills
  • Power Development
  • Finger Strength Training
  • Upper body and Arms
  • Flexibility

If you already have this program, you don’t need to read the rest. otherwise, we have good news for you:

One of your main objectives in getting immersed in a training program is to take your casual climbing sessions to the next level. Over the past 10 years, thousands of climbers have benefitted from our Complete Climbing Training programs

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