The Core 9 Benefits of Climbing Strength Training and Conditioning 

Climbing strength training, often associated with bouldering training or campus, is used by most elite climbers to improve performance.  While some debate the most effective ways to train, most climbers agree that the nature of any training program depends upon a mix of factors, including the demands of the sports, the period in the annual program, and the athlete’s individual status. Although the term “strength training”  implies that the goal is simply to develop strength (be finger strength or arm strength etc), a well-designed program also improves power, technique, agility, balance and fitness components. The term resistance training is now commonly used so that the implied benefits are not limited to just strength gains. The objectives of resistance programs are many.  In addition to performance enhancement, climbing training goals also include pre-habilitation (preventing injuries), rehabilitation, and maintenance.
Performance benefits include:
  • Muscular power
  • Balance and coordination
  • Contraction speed
  • Isometric tension skill
  • Throwing velocity
  • Kicking performance
  • Swinging velocity
  • Energy economy
  • Bursting power and performance

Strength and conditioning trainers play a key role in athletics. Climbing is not an exception, and as we approach the Olympic games, more climbers start to take training seriously and scientifically, with a wide open exploratory spirit for new training drills, and methodologies.  The responsibility of any climbing coaching system,  responsibility is to design, implement, and supervise sports training programs. If you are considering a professional level in climbing, then you should be able to apply scientific principles to each one of your sessions. Climbing workouts had developed Essential Training series in form of videos and manuals and they can help beginner and more advanced trainer gain substantial progress in their level.  Click here to find climbing programs applicable to your performance goals: