Training Essentials

Printable training planners and worksheets to organize, visualize, track, evaluate, and reach your climbing goals.

Self paced sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers. 

Download, print, fill in. As easy as that. Climbing motivation is achieved by making progress towards your goals. We get you the training frameworks. You do the rest.      

Serious climbers know that climbing performance is achieved with planning, discipline, passion and consistence. You don't need a gimmicky app, just something that let you draw your motivation. We make climbing training specific and actionable. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. No fillers. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything at once. No trying to climb the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it. So how do we use these printables?

Take the planners with you to the gym. Use them as training guides
Use worksheets to periodize, organize and prioritize your sessions
Keep all the logs and archive a hard-copy record of what you do and when you do it
Plan ahead, set a clear direction to improve your climbing performance. See how far you've come!

Before this existed, my training was messy, lazy and disorganized. Now I feel I have full control, knowledge and motivation for my climbing because I can see exactly where I am in my progression.

Printable Logs and Planners

Periodize your training and set the goals in advance

Climbing Weekend Trip Planner Template

Plan your climbing trip, decide your budget, keep control of your core tasks.

Single Session Workout Planner

Choose your training focus and list down your target exercises. Allocate deadlines and track your attempts.

Crag Itinerary Planner and Project List

Set dates, climbing projects and target specific routes in the order you want to accomplish them.


Climbing Skills Cheat sheet 

Asses your climbing level based in 17 specific climbing skills listed. Take action on each.


Climbing Goal Setting Log

Set measurable, time sensitive goals that you can achieve. Establish your objectives before anything else. 

6 Week Cycle Training Program Planner

Make a full calendar of your training days showing your days on and off. Decide the intensity level and the total of sessions.

Highly motivating training planning system that can be put into practice immediately and show results. I tried apps and software to realize the best way to plan your training is simply with pen, paper and the worksheets.

Trackers and Worksheets

Log every bit of progress on real time to keep record of your achievements

Lead Climbing Progress Worksheet - Multi - Session

Treat each route attempted as a project towards your bigger goals. Look back and notice your improvement.

8 Session Bouldering Log and benchmark tracker

Log your bouldering sessions so you know how, when and how many times it takes you to complete specific problems.

Weekly and Monthly Blood Pressure Tracker

Measure your blood pressure, stay accountable and aware of  your metabolic changes.

Outdoor/Indoor Project Tracker

Relate your goals to target climbing grades, track your attempts and record your results.


Deadhanging Benchmark Chart Tracker  

Get a close measure of your finger strength in multiple handholds. Reinforce your tendons and track your best attempts.


Campus Pattern Designer and Tracker

Draw campus patterns that you can then execute. Compare results from session to session to find your right dosage towards power gains.


Titan Bouldering Challenge Scorecard: 20 Problems Tracker 

Give yourself an objective bouldering challenge and see your results reflected in the bouldering challenge scoresheet.

An ingenious approach to climbing tracking that made me climb 5.12 in 6 months. Before this I was struggling to even put a weekly training schedule together

Printable training scorecards and performance evaluations             

Test yourself, make assessments, get insights and modify your training based in results. 

Climbing Benchmark Evaluation Test

A selection of specific tests that will measure your finger strength, contact strength, power endurance and overall level.


Performance Analysis Worksheet

Aim for a performance peak at any given day and figure out the right combination of drills and exercises. 


Performance Progression Chart

Create a bar graph of your progression during training cycles. Find out what days you do best and why.

I watched climbing videos and spent $300 in climbing courses at my local gym. I learned a lot, but the training printables were without a doubt, the most effective co-pilot for my training. The things I like most about the worksheets was the very thorough and clear format along with the ease to follow up.


All the templates in one convenient package

Write down your exercises, sets, reps, and the fate of each workout. Keep track of your best climbs and the highest points you've achieved with a certain level. Constantly strive to improve those numbers.

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Training Worksheet Pack: 20 Printable logs including trackers, plans, evaluations, nutrition guides, schedulers and mind-tools for obtaining maximum training performance.

 Use this printable pack to set goals for your climbing training process, track workouts and meals, journal your progress, test your self with evaluations and set new benchmarks. This is a collection of PDF letter size printable, available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Print out, fill in, stay organized and motivated with your climbing improvement.

But...What do I do with the pack?

  • Plan your climbing trips with maximum detail
  • Track each lead climbing attempt and stay accountable
  • Track your bouldering sessions and measure your performance level at any given day
  • Evaluate your new skills such as finger strength, power and endurance
  • Plan your meals in advance and follow a performance-oriented diet
  • Plan your sessions and decide the right order of exercises
  • Articulate and set benchmarks so you can reach them
  • Track your blood pressure with the Blood Pressure Tracker
  • Plan your outdoor projects with the Crag Itinerary Planner
  • Get a Protein Plan for lean climbing muscle building
  • Enter your own bouldering challenge
  • set new records on the campus board with the campus pattern designer

There is not a single day on my climbing training where I don't know where I am at. When I journal my training, I gain full control and direction towards my goals.

High performance nutrition guides and health trackers

Treat yourself like an Olympian and eat what champions eat. 

Protein Plus Diet for Strength:

Climbing movement requires lean muscle. Lean muscle requires a balanced protein based plan that keeps you powered to your goals.

Weekly Meal Planner

List of exercises including the dosage and resting times

The quality of energy you bring into your body defines how much energy you can output.

No more guesswork, no more running around the gym trying random problems and routes. Training is a plan. It has schedules and routines, it has a process and a set of exercises with dosages designed to help you reach maximum climbing performance. Nutrition is also a plan and you must have it contracted into your workout cycle.

"Superb material for self coaching, making us change our way of thinking in order to become effective, more disciplined climbers."

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