Specialized training programs worth a lifetime of climbing progress

The mission of Climbing Workouts is to spread key knowledge about training for performance while teaching beginner-intermediate climbers to plan, schedule, track, perform and successfully execute custom plans that work for them. We have researched the various methods employed by world class climbers and have put together a deluxe collection of practical manuals that you can learn and execute starting today.

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Essential Training III

This program establishes the foundation for any other climbing program. The manual includes a fully illustrated and explained selection of drills and exercises along with periodization tactics, mental strategies, schedules and nutritional advice.

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Mastering the Fingerboard

Mastering the fingerboard focuses on a 1 week - 1 tool program cycle containing all the elements of a training strategy required to rapidly improve your finger strength and accomplish more challenging climbs, weather it's outdoor or at the gym.

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Circuit Training Program

This program explores how to last longer at the wall, pull harder, build a base of life lasting climbing motivation, and manage your performance. CIRCUIT TRAINING is a Training Program Manual for for Beginner and Intermediate Climbers.

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Progressive Training for Climbing Performance

Based in sports nutrition, psychology and training science, this manual is one of those valuable pieces of complete information that will help you direct your energy towards improvement.

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Training for Rock Trips

This new program is a training action plan required to optimally prepare for a multi-day sport climbing trip. A practical handbook that includes periodization, itineraries, workouts, climbing trip logistics, budgeting, and mind game.

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Animal Instinct Training

Based in biology research about animal responsiveness to training, this climbing workout manual includes a selection of useful information for you to assemble and execute your climbing sessions. The systems employed are.

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Voltage Climbing Plan

Voltage incorporates concepts of strength training, stamina building and interval training resulting in a solid, specific training plan designed to guide you around the process of gaining power. No more guesswork, no more wondering around the gym. Get VOLTAGE, and build up your energy levels. VOLTAGE combines concepts of athletic performance with specific climbing strategies.

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Systematic Movement Training

Systematic Movement Training (SMT) is a 12 day program based in the usage of symmetrical bouldering and system walls. A progress-measurable, fully described manual with all the directions you need to push your climbing to the next level.

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The one single set of training manuals every climber should have

Climbing Workouts premium collection is the result of years of research observing how the best climbers in the world train and adapting that knowledge so motivated climbers like you can improve systematically and quickly. This bundle will show you over 55 training programs that are fully customizable and adaptable to your resources, space and schedules. The collection includes:

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"If I had to purchase it again, I'd probably still purchase it despite knowing the material simply because the price and amount of information you can reflect upon and just read burn into your mind."

Train Smarter and Get Stronger with Climbing Workouts Guidebooks

Powerful, actionable and illustrated content worth a lifetime of training

Each program is a unique and complete collection of methods, exercises, trackers, plans and routines that ensure physical safety, conditioning and skill development. All the materials are based in sports nutrition, psychology and training science. Training manuals are like a compass, they give you direction and encouragement, helping you direct your energy towards maximum improvement.

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Portable Training Programs for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Climbing training programs help you reduce guesswork, prevent injuries, define clear objectives and improve performance. So when you go to the climbing gym, you focus in what matters most: climbing harder grades and complete your projects.

Climbing workouts programs are both printable and digital. You can download and carry any of the manuals in your phone, tablet and laptop. Alternativelly you can print, bind and take them to the gym with you. All our programs come in full color and PDF format.

Physique and Technique

Within Climbing Workouts Training guides, you'll find a selection of programs based in movement patterns and technique, with an influx of finger strength, core conditioning, movement drills, stretching techniques and information about nutrition.

Tactics and Strategy

Tactics can most successfully employed on sport climbing routes and more specifically red pointing sport climbs. They also have their place in trad climbing, bouldering and even alpine climbing. Tactical training includes periodization, planning and assessments.

Mental Training

Mental skills are trained in relation to general cognitive techniques. These techniques include mental rehearsal, mental imagery and visualization, visuo-motor behavior rehearsal, cognitive-behavior therapy, biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation.